hospitalization September 2, 2014

Got You Covered: 3 Lessons from the Recent US Uninsured Rates

Months following the new health care law’s roll out and the March 2014 deadline for enrollment, the number of uninsured Americans has dropped to its lowest since 2008, a new survey shows.

hospitalizationAmericans and Health Insurance

The headline from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index poll, which was released May of 2014, shows the uninsured rate for adult Americans in April was 13.4, down from 15.9% percent in March of the same year. The number is the lowest monthly uninsured rate ever recorded since the two polling companies began tracking in January 2008.

It’s news that should be of importance not only to the Obama administration, but also to you.

Young People are Seeing the Importance of Insurance

The number of uninsured among the 18-34 year-old demographic is dropping, although not yet near the levels the administration is hoping for. The uninsured rate among 18-25-year-olds is now at 19%, from 23.5% from the fourth quarter of 2013. The rate for uninsured 26-34-year-olds and 35-64-year-olds also declined.

These numbers show that young adults are already seeing the importance of health insurance, not as an extra obligation, but as an investment for the future. As Insurance Lounge puts it, dealing with hospital bills and other medical expenses is never easy. Partnering with the right provider is one step in the right direction for these young adults.

African American, Hispanics, and Lower-Income Families are Signing Up More

The uninsured rate for Hispanics is at 33.2%, down 5.5 points from the numbers for Q4 2013. This, however, is still the highest by far across the administration’s key demographic groups. Uninsured African Americans are at 13.8%, down 7.1 points. Meanwhile, the rate among lower-income Americans, or those with an annual household incomes of less than $36,000, also went down to 25.2%, falling 5.5 points since the fourth quarter of 2013.

This shows that although Obama care is taking serious criticisms, many members of the key demographic groups are heeding the call to get insured.

Being secured during times of medical emergencies should be a top priority for all households. While it will take some getting used to, and a bit of sacrifice for the monthly payments, you’ll feel better knowing you have something to rely on when you or a loved one gets sick.

employee August 29, 2014

3 Ways to Ensure On-Boarding Employees Hit the Ground Running

As a company owner, you are responsible for welcoming the new employees in your company. Happy employees are productive employees. By showing them that you care, you are motivating them to always strive in helping your business grow.

employeeHere’s how to bring new employees on board:

Set their schedule

Sure, their first day should start with a greeting and introducing themselves, but there’s more to that. It’s important to provide all new hires with their schedule before their start date. Make sure they know what time they can have lunch or coffee break.

Educate them

For new hires, first days are scary and overwhelming. Many believe that the first week at a new company is full of stress or insecurity. As soon as your new employee walks through your door, it’s your responsibility to make their day memorable. They need to be familiar with your business, policies, people, and procedures. In the construction industry, for instance, workers need to undergo a health and safety training.

Give new hires the necessary training, so they know and understand the proper safety protocols of your company. It’s best to balance your new hire’s schedule between orientations, trainings, and meetings. You should be ready to welcome them, so their move will be easier.

Present the details

New employees need to know the performance you expect from them. This is the reason it’s best to arrange for a discussion about your company’s vision, mission, values, safety policies, products, and services. This will definitely help new employees boost their motivation.

Keep these tips in mind to make a new hire’s first day memorable and effective. As a business owner, you need to make sure new employees feel comfortable, welcomed, and valued. Remember, you can never have a second chance to change their first impression and strengthen your company’s reputation.


inside a classroom August 29, 2014

How School Uniforms Can Help You In The Academe

inside a classroomSome students prefer casual clothes rather than uniforms when going to school. As clothing can be part of one’s personality, they explain that uniforms take away character and individuality. School uniforms, for them, stops you from expressing yourself.

Self-expression, however, does not stop with what you wear in school. For others, what you wear does not determine your style and personality. How you walk and interact with other people are larger indicators of your individuality. Considering schools are learning grounds, they contest that students can express themselves in writing poetry, singing and dancing. School uniforms can actually help you deal with different challenges in the academe.

It helps you to turn down the trend and go for quality.

With school uniforms, many students can stay away from trendy clothes, which may easily turn into another old collection in the closet. School uniforms manufacturers recommend choosing the right material and quality of your uniform sets, to ensure longevity. Think of the long-term value of your clothes, and do not give into trends for the year.

School uniforms may stop bullying.

In schools, students bully others based on how they look, their mental health or disability. As bullying can happen in every corner, it may have serious short or long term emotional and social consequences.

Some students pick on their classmates who do not have decent clothes to wear in school, at least based on their standards. These students can get away from bullying through school uniforms. With everyone wearing the same pair of pants and blazers, students would not bully others. Everyone would feel that they belong in the community.

School uniforms can give you an energetic vibe to study.

Along with co-curricular activities, academics can be demanding. They require sleepless nights and weeklong reviews. With uniforms, you can focus on your school works instead of worrying about how you look.

At the end of the day, a school is a place for learning; not a fashion runway. You can save the dressing up in special occasions and school events. Even if they say that “you are what you wear,” image can be illusory. Your actions are the real indicators of who you actually are.

dental braces August 28, 2014

5 Telltale Signs You Have an Uneven Bit

Did you know that around the world, only 30-40% have perfectly aligned teeth? Yes, science has proven that across ethnicities and national borders, only a small portion of the population can beam balanced, flawless smiles. The rest of the population just has to deal with crooked, misaligned teeth – or do they?

dental bracesThanks to technology, it is now easier to correct crooked teeth – or more technically, malocclusion – and say hello to a straighter smile. Invisible Braces Manchester says that there are now different ways to address an uneven bite, such as appliances, dental repair, and surgery.

What many people should understand, however, is that an uneven bite goes beyond being an aesthetic problem. Malocclusion has its effect on your overall health. For one, it makes teeth harder to clean, thus increasing the risk for tooth decay or loss.

How, then, can you tell if you have an uneven bite? Appearance aside, there are five other signs that possibly suggest you need to correct a malocclusion soon.


When you catch yourself grinding your teeth, chances are you have an uneven bite. This is because your teeth are trying to find that natural balance and symmetry in your jaw’s architecture. Malocclusion causes your jaw muscles to try to find that sweet position through grinding.


Chronic headaches aren’t always because of migraine or eye strain; sometimes, your teeth can be the culprit. Misaligned teeth cause the jaw to work in an unnatural manner, thus forcing bones and muscles together until they strain. As a result, you suffer from chronic headaches.

Jaw pain

Similar to the argument with grinding and headache, malocclusion can lead to strained jaw muscles. In effect, you experience unnatural jaw pain and, in more severe cases, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

Loose dental work

Improperly aligned teeth may take its toll on your crowns, caps, and fillings. These dental treatments become loose and eventually fail. In effect, you expose yourself to a greater risk of decay.

Teeth sensitivity

The unevenness in your teeth also distorts the balance of pressures your mouth goes through whenever you bite or chew. This results in uneven worn spots on certain surfaces of your teeth. The rapid loss of enamel in select parts of your mouth causes tooth sensitivity.

Just be cause your teeth look straight does not mean that it is safe from malocclusion. Sometimes, you have to take a hard look at these signs and consider the possibility of having misaligned teeth.


car maintenance August 24, 2014

5 Bad Habits that Kill Your Car

car maintenanceYour car can break at the most unlikely, untimely moment. You may be running an important errand or heading out of town for a trip when a weird noise suddenly brings your car to a stop. Congratulations, your car just died on you. But this is not something you can always blame on external factors. Sometimes, it’s the owner’s habits that kill the car, such as these five:

Forgetting maintenance

Set a regular schedule with your mechanic for quick maintenance appointments. Proper checkups detect serious problems early on and prevent costly repairs. Sometimes, people think that their car malfunctions because of some faulty issue, but the real culprit is the way they ignore minor maintenance checkups for the car.

The truth is, any car would run perfectly fine for a very long time with proper maintenance. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a brand new ride or an old car running on a reconditioned diesel engine – what matters is how you take care of the ride that takes you places everyday.

Going DIY

Yes, there are car repairs you can do on your own , but that doesn’t mean you should always go the DIY route whenever something comes up. You should still consult a mechanic for every minor repair to ensure that you’re doing it the right way.

Ignoring warning lights

The check engine light tells you one simple thing: check the engine. The same principle applies to any other warning light your car has. You shouldn’t ignore this problem, because you never know when there’s a major repair coming up. Remember: it’s always easier and cheaper to maintain things than repair them, especially when you’re talking about cars.

Letting dust and debris build up

Cars need the occasional cleaning, too. No, this doesn’t mean the routine you make where you just hose off the dust and dirt from your car. Your auto needs some cleaning on the inside, an inspection of its filters – both for the fuel and for the air conditioning system.

Neglecting fluids

By default, most drivers only care about the fuel and tyre pressure. The problem with this, however, is that it tends to ignore other fluids inside the car. When you want to secure a long service life of your vehicle (and its parts), you need to check all the fluids once in a while – from the brake fluid to the AC coolant.

Although it may seem difficult, do your best to change these bad habits that ruin your car’s performance and shorten its service life. When you know how to keep your car in good shape, you get more from what you paid for.

calculating August 9, 2014

Investment Strategy: Assessing which Industries to Enter

calculatingThe capital you need to start a business is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever have to make. It will affect how you proceed, as the kind of money you have directly affects what industry you enter.

There are several industries in Australia that you might find attractive, with their promise of big profit and early returns on your investment. Profit is always the major motivation in business, but just because something looks easy does not mean it promises everyone an easy buck. Do your research and find out what industries will make you money but which also fall within the realm of what you can do.

Here are three suggestions you might find interesting:

Property Investments

With a stretch of pristine beaches and wildlife reserves, property investments, such as motels and apartments, can be a profitable business. Many motels being sold in South Australia, says, can give you excellent returns on your investment. You only have to deal with moderate entry barriers when you buy holiday houses and hostels as there are no existing dominant players, and only a few industry regulations to follow. As a matter of fact, average profit margins are at 18.3% because many motels and apartments are owner-operated.

Painting And Decorating Services

To enter the landscape of painting and decorating services, you only need a modest capital. With a low market share concentration, the industry only involves a few regulations and significantly slower rate of technological changes.

IBISWorld estimates that the industry profit margins are at 22%, reflecting a high profit level. As many of the businesses are owner-operated, there are reduced labour and operation costs.

Coffee shops

You can offer an authentic Australian coffee experience. As Australia is a nation of coffee drinkers, get in with the coffee culture and watch closely how your business becomes a hit. With a climate perfect for outdoor eating and drinking, your customers can enjoy quality espresso at café tables along the streets, in shopping malls and even at the beaches and parks.

If you examine these businesses closely, they have one common denominator—they answer the simple yet vital needs of locals and tourists. From motels for tourists to coffee shops for locals, investing in the Australian region can be the best business decision you can make. Just make sure to consider other factors and industry-related policies when investing.

old age August 6, 2014

Aging Gracefully: Staying Healthy in Your 60′s

While it is true that aging increases the risks of heart attack, diabetes, and cancer, this doesn’t mean you cannot have healthy and rewarding golden years. By making the right choices and making a few lifestyle changes, you can stay healthy at age 60 and beyond.

old age

Here are some health habits you should adopt in your 60′s:

Exercise Daily

Spend at least thirty minutes daily doing exercises like walking or jogging. Find the right routine that your body can handle and choose an exercise or activity that you enjoy doing.You can also try swimming, water aerobics, dancing, and bowling on some days of the week. If you have an existing medical condition, talk to your physician before starting an exercise program.

Stay Sharp

In your 60s, you may find yourself having trouble remembering things. This is because part of the brain circuitry burns out with age. You can avoid memory loss and improve brain health through mental stimulation, physical activity, and social interaction.

Be Happy

As you get older, it is important to strengthen social interactions, as they are important in facing future challenges with flexibility. Twin Lakes Community says senior communities where you can hang out and meet other active adults, and time at home with family and friends can help with staying happy.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Obesity can have a huge impact on your health as you get older. It is also more difficult to lose weight with age, as your metabolism has slowed down greatly. Eat balanced meals and always keep an eye on portion sizes. Limit processed foods and add fiber to your diet to help you avoid colon polyps.

Keep Your Heart Strong

Heart disease is the one of the leading causes of death in both men and women. Know your blood cholesterol, blood pressure, body mass index (BM), and waist circumference and keep them within range to lower the risk of heart disease. Doing moderately intense activity 150 minutes a week also lowers your chances of developing coronary artery disease.

Adopt healthy lifestyle choices to enjoy your senior years. Learn more about the warning signs of medical conditions and talk to your doctor for screening procedures and preventive measures.

Steel Tow Bar August 6, 2014

3 Must-Have Accessories to Improve Car Safety

Since 2011, Western Australia has seen a gradual decline in the number of road accidents. Unfortunately, that trend came to a halt this year. Although we’re just a little over halfway through the year, the Western Australia Police has noted more cases of injuries and fatalities than the previous years.

Steel Tow Bar

With that said, everyone must once again focus on road safety. Whether you’re just going for a quick drive or hitting the highways for interstate travel, your car should have these safety accessories.


No one can understate the importance of durable bullbars, says After all, they shield your car against further damage (especially in fragile parts) from a car crash. When you have a roo bar on your car, you have an implement that suppresses the impact of a crash.

Moreover, a study from the University of New South Wales noted a high incidence of collisions between cars and wildlife (of which kangaroos account for a significant percentage), which prompts the necessity of roo bars while driving in remote areas.

Do note that the right bullbar must follow the Australian standard AS 47861.1/2002.

Occupant-sensitive airbags

Whilst we all know about the necessity of airbags, not every product is created equal. You have to know the right type to make sure that you’re always safe on the road. Today, the ideal choice is to go with occupant-sensitive airbags, which senses the weights and sizes of the passengers before popping up.

Improved headlights

Although in most cases, you can trust your orange headlights, there are instances when theyseem inadequate to provide full visibility in a dark area. You need something more than just these two orange lights, such as adaptive headlights and infrared cameras. Both will help you avoid collisions by gaining better visibility when it’s dark or hazy.

Other than a spare tire, a working jack, and a basic toolbox, these are the accessories that should be present in your car to keep yourself and your passengers safe on the road.

entryway August 1, 2014

Warm Welcome: Styling an Entryway

The entrance of your home is the first thing visitors see and should be telling of what it’s like inside the other rooms inside. If your entryway is nothing but a boring pathway or just a plain simple door that you use to get in and out every day, it is time to get creative.

Extend a warm welcome to guests with these entryway decorating ideas:

Light it Up

Light up the atmosphere of a boring pathway by installing a beautiful lighting fixture and hanging a mirror for quick touch-ups. Table lamps or pendant lighting are great when checking makeup or tying shoes before you leave for the day. It is best to have control of the lighting so you can give guests the impression that they are welcome into your home.

Bring it to Life

Place a proper-sized table and add decorative accents to the mix. Plants and flowers are an affordable way to add life and colour and scent to your entryway. Artworks, figurines, and candles are also great additions that can bring the space to life. You can also group ornamental and decorative mirrors and framed wallpapers to engage visitors.

Make it Functional

Place a small tray or dish to keep keys and other essentials organised and easily accessible when you’re running out the door. Design experts like and suggest placing an attractive area rug to add colour to your entryway and allow guests to dry off shoes before entering.

Be Bold and Wow Your Guests

If you have stair risers, paint them with a bold colour to greet all visitors who enter. A darker hue with a glossy finish is a great choice for livening up this seemingly useless feature. You can also line staircases with family photos in a tight arrangement of frames of the same style and colour.

Make it Cosy and Intimate

Place a chair beside your entryway table for a cosy feel. Give it a pop by covering the chair with a fabric in a bold pattern. You could recycle a tablecloth you no longer use or purchase a new one. Placing a few magazines and books on the table is also a good idea.

A good entryway should be functional and well lit. Make sure to choose the right colour scheme for your entryway and keep it organised.

man utd stadium July 10, 2014

Nike To Terminate Man Utd Sponsorship Deal Due To Costly Demands

Nike has confirmed it will not renew a long-running kit supply deal with Manchester United at the end of next season because of the cost of the new agreement.

Asking too much money

Nike has been supplying United’s famous red shirts since 2002, but the need to spend heavily is now being questioned by those in charge.

The American sportswear company released a statement, saying: “[T]he terms that were on offer for a renewed contract did not represent good value for Nike’s shareholders.”

“Manchester United is a great club with passionate fans. We look forward to a successful final season with the club,” Nike added.

Last design

It’s withdrawal is expected to clear the way for the club to sign a deal with either Germany’s Adidas or Warrior.

For the first time in 19 years, Manchester United failed to qualify for this season’s Champions League.

Recently, the club revealed their new home kit for the 2014-15 season, which will be the last designed by Nike.