man utd stadium July 10, 2014

Nike To Terminate Man Utd Sponsorship Deal Due To Costly Demands

Nike has confirmed it will not renew a long-running kit supply deal with Manchester United at the end of next season because of the cost of the new agreement.

Asking too much money

Nike has been supplying United’s famous red shirts since 2002, but the need to spend heavily is now being questioned by those in charge.

The American sportswear company released a statement, saying: “[T]he terms that were on offer for a renewed contract did not represent good value for Nike’s shareholders.”

“Manchester United is a great club with passionate fans. We look forward to a successful final season with the club,” Nike added.

Last design

It’s withdrawal is expected to clear the way for the club to sign a deal with either Germany’s Adidas or Warrior.

For the first time in 19 years, Manchester United failed to qualify for this season’s Champions League.

Recently, the club revealed their new home kit for the 2014-15 season, which will be the last designed by Nike.

Credit card July 6, 2014

Deadline for Consumer Credit Rebate Applications Approaches

Only a few days are left for firms to claim any rebate they may be due on their old Consumer Credit Licence. After June 30 2014, no further rebate applications will be considered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Required Fees

The need for rebates exists because all consumer credit firms are expected to pay a certain fee. This is to become fully authorised by the new consumer credit regulator, the FCA, when they are required to upgrade their existing limited permission. These firms have also already paid £350 to obtain their interim permissions. However, firms have already paid for consumer credit licences (CCLs) from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), raising the prospect of effectively needing to pay twice.

In general, firms who have paid a licensing and/or maintenance fee to the OFT in the five years prior to April 1 2014, will be eligible for a rebate. However, exceptions include:

  • The 50 leading payday lenders, who were all ordered by the OFT, following their compliance review, to make urgent changes to their practices and procedures. It is the Government’s decision to exclude these firms from the rebate scheme.
  • Any firm for whom the rebate would be less than £10
  • Any firm who has been informed that the OFT is minded to revoke their licence, suspend their licence or refuse their application. If a firm successfully appeals against such a decision, they would become eligible for the rebate once the appeal process has completed, assuming they meet the other criteria. In these circumstances, the June 30 deadline may be waived.

Firms expecting to receive rebates must have held a CCL right up until April 1, 2014, or have relinquished their licence by giving notice to the OFT since April 23, 2012. It is actually not necessary to have obtained FCA authorisation in order to receive a rebate, so some firms who have exited the industry will also be eligible for rebates.

The rebate amount is calculated as the amount paid by the firm to the OFT in respect of the licensing fee or maintenance charge, multiplied by the number of complete months remaining on the licence or charge and then divided by 60.

bigbitcoin July 4, 2014

Venture Capitalist Tim Draper Wins U.S. Bitcoin Auction

Venture capitalist Tim Draper is the winner of almost 30,000 bitcoins in an auction held by the U.S. Marshals Service. The bitcoins are part of a batch seized last year in a raid on Silk Road.

Venture capitalist Tim Draper is the sole winner of an auction held last week for nearly 30,000 bitcoins by the U.S. Marshals Service. The well known Silicon Valley investor partnered with Palo Alto-based Vaurum, but would not discuss how much he paid.

Tim Draper

Draper is from a prominent Silicon Valley family, son of one of the nation’s first venture capitalists and father of another. Like many in Silicon Valley, he has embraced bitcoin, due to its open architecture and growing use as an alternative currency.

“If they thought that they were going to try to put the kibosh on bitcoin, I think they would have just buried these,” Draper said, referring to the government’s stance on the currency. “Instead, they decided that this was of real value to society.”

Value of the bitcoins

The 29,655 bitcoins had an estimated worth of $18 million. The Marshals planned to sell them in nine blocks to different bidders, but Tim Draper ended up beating the rest of the competition. According to a Marshals spokesperson, 45 bidders made 63 bids.

Silk Road

The bitcoins were part of 144,000 bitcoins seized last year in a raid on Silk Road, an Internet black market bazaar, which authorities said that it had been used for drugs and illegal goods. A spokeswoman for the U.S. Marshals said that no further auctions are planned unless without a court order.

baby clothes June 25, 2014

Laundry: Why It’s Especially Important When You Have a Baby

baby clothesDoing laundry becomes more difficult when you have a baby. You can’t just toss your little one’s clothes into the basket of other dirty clothes and use the same cleaning products. You need to pay special attention to washing your baby’s clothes and other accessories that come into direct contact with your child’s skin, as it is still very delicate and sensitive. Moreover, improperly washed clothes may carry bacteria and allergens that may cause irritations and illnesses.

Listed below are some tips on how you can wash newborn baby clothes properly.


Separate baby’s clothes from the rest of the garments you will launder. Read the instructions for washing and drying, as the fabrics of baby clothes are usually made of lighter materials. Be extra careful when it comes to clothes that have hooks and buttons.

The Cleaning Agents

You might feel obligated to use a special detergent for your baby’s clothes. This, however, is not required, as long as your baby doesn’t have allergies. You can still use special detergents and other cleaning agents, especially when dealing with stubborn stains.

The Stains

For protein-based stains (such as poopy and food stains), cool water and detergent are recommended. For urine stains, apply a few drops of ammonia to the cloth, let it stand, and wash. Remember to be extra careful with coloured fabrics. This rule doesn’t apply to silk and wool clothing. You may also use white vinegar for lighter stains. Just don’t mix it with bleach or ammonia, as the mixture may produce harmful vapours.

For stains that are quite acidic, such as fruit juice marks, you can pre-wash the stained area in cold water. Apply some liquid detergent, let it stand for at least 5 minutes, and then rinse with warm or hot water.

Baby clothes are made of delicate and light materials, so you may want to be extra careful when washing such items. More than that, you need to take care of these garments, as your baby’s skin is sensitive.

designing spa June 20, 2014

The Zen Escape: Designing a Zen-styled Bathroom

designing spaApplying the Zen style in your bathroom is an excellent way to make it your own sanctuary. Zen decoration uses natural materials to create a minimalist design. This type of bathroom design requires the right use of lighting and scents for total relaxation.

Fortunately, you do not have to completely remodel the bathroom to achieve a state of Zen. A few modifications and additions are enough to acquire this style.

Aim for Cleanliness

A Zen-styled bathroom calls for a clean and tidy space. Invest in a deeper bathroom cabinet and reorganise your drawers for bathroom necessities. You can use a stripped down cabinet design to make the room look bigger. For storing other things like towels, use woven boxes for natural texture and appeal.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Zen decoration requires the use of different lighting sources to create balance and symmetry. Choose a variety of interior lighting to create a layered effect. You can use scones on the side of mirror light or hang pendant lights over the bathroom sink. Dimmers are a good option as well to create balance between natural and electric light.

Install a Soaking Tub

A soaking tub in your bathroom is perfect for achieving a ritual of relaxation. Bathroom spa stores in Perth suggest installing an extra deep tub for a comfortable bath time. If possible, place the bathtub by a window for a more relaxing experience.

It Is All About the Scent

Scent and aroma plays an important role in achieving ultimate Zen. Relaxing aromas such as chamomile, vanilla, and lavender are perfect to set the mood in your bathroom. You can use diffusers and candles to complete the Zen bathroom style appeal.

Focus on Small Details

To ensure bathroom coordination, transfer bathroom products like shampoo and conditioner to similar containers. You can use ornate glass containers in different sizes and heights in storing cotton balls, cotton swab, and soaps. In storing other bathroom essentials, use containers that match the overall design of the bathroom.

Zen style is all about simple, clean, and minimal design. Use these tips to create a sense of the calm in the room and invest in decorations like simple artwork and seasonal flowers.

breastfeed June 17, 2014

Facebook Now Allows Breastfeeding Photos

Facebook has modified its policies to allow users to post photos of breastfeeding, following controversies over the years about its image guidelines.

“We agree that breastfeeding is natural and beautiful and we’re glad to know it’s important for mothers to share their experiences with others on Facebook,” the social network, which did not give any explanation on what has caused the changes, said in the updated help page.

Policy Changes

Banning breastfeeding pictures before, Facebook cited that many of the photo removals were due to complaints of other users, saying that the photos they review are “almost exclusively brought to our attention by other Facebook members who complain about them being shared on Facebook.”

A Facebook spokesperson said,  “What we have done is modified the way we review reports of nudity to help us better examine the context of the photo or image.”

“As a result of this, photos that show a nursing mothers’ other breast will be allowed even if it is fully exposed, as will mastectomy photos showing a fully exposed other breast,” the official added.

Positive Feedback From Users

Most mothers who use Facebook and post breastfeeding photos had been positive toward the policy changes.

US parenting blogger said the network has learned that “women, or at least breastfeeding mothers at this time,are allowed to live in their own skin and share images of themselves topless (and breastfeeding) without being deleted for nudity.”

man in an interview June 10, 2014

Hiring Temporary Staff: Why It’s Worth It

man in an interviewHard-working and talented employees are your company’s greatest asset, but they’re also your biggest expense. This is why it’s important to use smart strategies when recruiting staff.

There are two general types of employees: permanent and temporary. Of the two, however, temporary staff members offer the greatest benefits to companies, especially for start-ups. Temporary workers give employers flexibility, as they can fill both long and short-term contracts on short notice. They are a great alternative to in-house staff, especially if there are headcount restrictions in place.


With the flexibility temporary staff provides, it’s not surprising why more Australian start-ups use recruitment agencies to hire temporary workers. i-recruit, a company offering permanent and temporary staff, says the key to staff performance is training. Training workers effectively ensures they learn and understand your business processes. It also helps them perform their roles better, adding more value to your business, says business website Flying Solo.

Adequate time allotted to training temporary workers not only increases productivity, but also enhances staff engagement.


Timing is very important when hiring temporary staff. To get the most value, it’s important to hire them only when you need their service, such as during holidays or busy production periods. The best way to hire temporary workers is by using a reliable recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies assume all responsibilities when hiring staff, including interviewing candidates, screening applicants, and performing background checks. If you use an agency, expect to fill your job positions within the same day.


Temporary or casual workers are usually paid based on the hours they work. While they can work on regular hours, they aren’t usually guaranteed a specific amount of hours per week. Temporary employees are paid an additional hourly pay, called a “casual loading.” Their rate is equivalent to their permanent hourly rate plus 15-25 percent of their casual loading.

Hiring temporary workers is a great way to save money, boost productivity during holidays and peak seasons, and respond to market variations. Work with a reliable recruitment agency and bring more value to your business.

dentist June 5, 2014

Turning Wiser: Common Wisdom Tooth Myths

dentistWisdom teeth have nothing to do with wisdom. Surprised? Maybe not, but there are a lot of pre-conceived notions about our extra molars other than the one mentioned. You hear about them all the time—some adults even believe them.

Here are some myth busters for the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Should Be Removed

Not all wisdom teeth are problematic and needs to be extracted. This is one of the common myths that most people, even adults, believe in. Most people believe they cause tooth decay and other types of oral disease. Fortunately, for those who fear going on a trip to the dentist, not all wisdom teeth need to be removed.

According to some dentists in Melville, Perth in Western Australia, wisdom teeth may become a problem as they begin to grow, which can cause infection, pain, damage to nearby molars, and food packing. When the tooth develops one of these common problems, dental patients should have their third molar extracted.

Wisdom Teeth Are Useless

Another common misconception about the third molars is that they are pointless. Wisdom teeth, in fact, help humans chew food better. Although they are not really crucial in the chewing process, third molars provide the same chewing purpose as any of your other molars.

Some wisdom teeth, however, become more harmful than useful when they grow sideways, which cause problems to the surrounding teeth and gums. If this happens, you might want to consult a Melville dentist to prevent more dental problems in the future.

Wisdom Teeth Contains Wisdom

Are you one of those people who do not want to have their wisdom teeth removed in order to remain wise? Wisdom teeth are named as such because of the timing of their appearance, not because they contain wisdom. They grow most of the time during the period when a person is supposedly developing wisdom, which is usually between the ages of 17 and 25.

Admit it—debunking these common wisdom tooth myths has not only helped you gain wisdom; it has also helped you feel more comfortable with your extra molars. With a lot of misnomers making their way around the information mill, it’s important to distinguish between the facts and fiction when it comes to your pearly whites.

medical June 5, 2014

Pain Relief for Dying Patients: Experts Say Millions Don’t Get Drugs

Doctors specializing in caring for terminally ill patients said nearly 18 million people died in unnecessary pain last year, making it a “public health emergency.”

Life in despair

In Ethiopia, many cancer patients do not get the medications they need. To escape the pain they struggle every day, many decided to throw themselves in front of trucks.

According to the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance (WPCA), part of the problem is the lack of access to pain relief such as morphine.

It argues that governments refuse to provide people painkillers because of fears about the risk of addiction. This means dying patients do not get morphine even when it is available.

Access to drugs

“[Governments] are suffering mostly from ignorance, they don’t know what palliative care is and that it’s possible to relieve suffering,” Dr Stephen Connor, from the WPCA, said in a statement. “Police are trained that any psychoactive substance is a drug of abuse. They don’t understand when you have pain and take a reliever, you don’t get high. You get pain relief.”

Fortunately, medical experts from nearly 200 nations attended a UN conference last month to make palliative care a higher priority.

small houses May 24, 2014

Vegetative Roofing and Why It’s a Win for All

small housesGreen or vegetative roofing is a great investment – it protects your home in a better, more eco-friendly way. Working with reliable roofing contractors may be necessary for you to learn about the latest green technologies and products you can use. They can also explain upfront and long-term benefits you can enjoy with vegetative roofing.

Benefits of Vegetative Roofing

A vegetative roof is one where plant materials are found over a weather proof system. Aside from being beneficial to your home or building, it is also good for the environment. Here are some of the benefits that you can look forward to:

Storm-Water Control

A vegetative roof reduces the overall run-off volume, the drainage peak volume-rate, and the run-off water contaminants. These things can reduce the demand for treatment systems such as storm-water drainage control.

Quality of Air

Any area that has plants will automatically have more natural air. A vegetative roof diminishes airborne contaminants, therefore helping you avoid airborne ailments.

Energy Savings

Your roof is the first layer of protection your home has against the heat. A vegetative roof gives you sufficient roof insulation that results in an ambient atmosphere. This reduces the fluctuation of temperatures throughout the day. It also results in lower load on the property’s mechanical heating and cooling systems, therefore cutting your energy costs.

Longer Lifespan

Make sure to install the vegetative roof membrane system properly so it can last way longer than conventional membranes. This is due the protection it has against ultraviolet rays. Plants cover the membrane and protect it from heat-shock stresses. The plants serve as buffers so that the membrane can avoid too much heat resulting in a better service life.

Beauty and Wellness

A vegetative roof can also serve as a beautiful addition to your home’s exteriors. Even visitors and passers-by can appreciate the calm feeling greens can give. Some research says natural scenes can improve health and productivity.

Greener is better, not just for your home, but for you and the environment, too. Try installing a green roof and see how wonderful it can be. Get in touch with your local roofing contractor and see what options are available.