email marketing October 23, 2014

Is Email Marketing Already Extinct?

Contrary to popular belief, using emails as a marketing tool is still thriving. Thanks to the new generation of smartphones and tablets, Internet users can access their personal mails anytime, anywhere. For powerful email marketing, however, the key here is to optimise your campaign. Below are some tips:

Make Sure Your Data are Always Relevant

Always assess your latest data, so you’ll know whether you’re sending targeted communications or not. Use simple data points like location and gender, as these things can improve your subscribers’ experiences significantly. Make sure not to repeat the same promotional messages on your other channels, as customers always look for different information.

Provide Visually Interesting Marketing Campaigns

Most email recipients like to view email marketing in HTML that is fully optimised with custom fonts, images and unique style. As you only have little time to generate response from your customers, it’s important not to include generic stock images that don’t tell the story. This is why top web design firms like place importance on graphics and images that have a clear call to action.

Personalise Your Message

Though they understand that emails are sent out to a lot of people and firms, your customers and clients will appreciate your messages even more if they’re personalised. For this reason, it’s important to collect additional information, such as their names, interests, ages, etc. You may also add personalised recommendations to increase sales conversion rates.

Optimise Your Campaign for Mobile

Make sure to provide your customers with sophisticated mobile experience from the start. If your first welcome email is brilliantly optimised for mobile, users will not delete your message upon receiving it. This is because they’ll know that they’re in for a pleasant mobile experience.

Share. Share. Share

Sharing isn’t exclusive for social media. Consider the introverted individuals, the reserved and the cautious consumers who share content via email. Unlike the “retweeters” and the “likers” who broadcast their activities publicly, these private sharers are more reliable endorsers; thus, making them really valuable to your brand. Their personal and thoughtful recommendation often draws a better response.

Using social media platforms might be the latest trend, but when it comes to generating sales and customer interaction, nothing beats the old-school email. When you send an email to your clients, you’re reaching targeted individuals who have decided to receive your pieces of content. Take advantage of this by optimising your email marketing campaign today.

laser mining October 21, 2014

Smarter Drilling: 3 Technologies that Transformed Mining

It has always been technology’s role to redefine and reinvent the way we do things. The same principle applies to mining, as the world has seen different inventions and innovations change the way mining companies do their work. Among these many developments, three stand out: laser, mobile Internet, and robotics. This article discusses how this has revolutionized the mining industry to make it safer and more efficient.


Laser is one of the most important technologies in the field of mining, as it improves both the efficiency and safety of workers in the industry. Perhaps its most popular application is scanning, in which a machine that uses laser beams surveys and area and looks for the mother lode. This has been instrumental in improving the supply chain of mined materials all over the world.

Apart from land surveying, laser also has its influence in safety practices of mining companies. Today, miners use these high-tech strobe laser devices to ensure that all workers are safe as they explore new territories. Such gadgets have the capacity to send clear light signals amid smoke and dust, not to mention that it marks survey points, indicates the location of workers, and locates breathable air.


Robots also have their place in the mining industry, as it lessens the overhead of companies during operation. Automation, after all, has a lot of advantages regardless of the industry. Robots decrease the need for human intervention, which keeps workers safe and speeds up different processes in the field.

Mobile Internet

Over the years, mobile Internet has become more reliable and more affordable. This has had its effect on mining, as it has sped up the service delivery of workers and improved the overall efficiency of firms. For instance, mobile Internet ensures that there is a clear communication line between the managers and the workers to prevent workplace accidents.

In the future, more technologies will arise and redefine the field once more. We may not know what will come in the next decade, but we are all sure that it will improve the craft and make the industry more efficient than ever.

property October 20, 2014

Busted! Evicting Common Property Management Myths

Property managers are middlemen who administrate a real estate property. In contrast to other investments, a real estate property is a tangible asset, meaning it has a physical presence.

propertyMost people would rather rent their property out themselves, and hiring a professional to do something that you can perform yourself seems like an extravagance some people cannot afford. This and some other myths are discussed and busted, as in the following:

• You can save money by not hiring a property manager

This seems obvious, since most property management firms charge 10% and upwards of the rent. But their services come into play, such as when dealing with troublesome tenants, or maintaining the house. In other words, you are buying their expertise and experience that you don’t have, with only a small fraction of what the property is worth.

San Diego property management companies, for example, keep a directory of contractors that they can automatically hire when needed, and find new tenants faster and more efficiently. This keeps downtime between tenants at a minimum.

• The property has subpar service; I won’t pay until they improve it

This is both wrong and unethical. The only time that this is acceptable is when the property is uninhabitable or unsafe, but even then the owner and the tenant must meet at a legal venue to discuss it. Renters cannot simply withhold payment, although the property managers make it a point to keep both parties happy.

• I am putting someone else in charge, and I probably won’t like it

Quite the opposite; in fact, you are putting yourself in a better position by delegating a complicated task to another professional. The second part of the statement is also false, unless you are also an experienced property manager. Remember that you are benefiting from their experience to give you your property’s real worth, an experience distilled from years of lessons in the industry.

Amateur property owners are often confused with differing advice on what to do with their property.
To make your money work for you, consulting a property manager is still the best bet.

funds October 20, 2014

For Chinese Investors: 3 Common Issues in Preparing EB-5 Sources of Funds

fundsOctober signals a piece of good news for Chinese investors: the EB-5 visa program becomes available again. The new fiscal year is indeed another start for investors to apply for a permanent visa in the United States. But of course, this is not without its challenges.

For Chinese investors, there are quite a handful of issues that often become a pain, especially with the sources of funds. As an investor, you need to iron these out; otherwise, it could lead to delays with the EB 5 program regional center and other arms of the government. To ensure that the whole process goes smoothly, take note of these issues:

Bonuses and Salaries

Some companies have the practice of giving employees a low base salary and pairing it with large amounts of bonuses. While this method works to reduce tax liability, it can be quite problematic with the USCIS. The government agency requires investors to document bonuses with the salary so that the compensation would meet the requirement set by law.

Gifts from Parents

Chinese parents normally give gifts to their children in the form of investment funds. When this happens, the applicant must identify the source of the gift. A written affidavit coming from the giver should declare the reasons for the gift and if it has to be repaid. Documenting transfer tax is also necessary.

Tax Receipts

One key difference in China is that employees do not file yearly tax returns; instead, employers deduct the taxes directly from the salaries of the staff. Now, although employees may request these receipts, it can be an issue for those who have changed employers many times in five years or so. Tax receipts may also show lower compensation because of the situation explained in point number one.

Knowing these issues beforehand makes it easier to process an EB-5 visa. Nevertheless, experts still advise investors to consult professional lawyers to ensure that every step of the way runs smoothly.

BSN degree October 17, 2014

Is Getting An Affordable BSN Degree Possible in Las Vegas?

BSN degreeIn a place like Las Vegas where one can easily snag a job, some might say that higher education has taken a backseat. After all, why spend four years or even more studying when you can easily earn money being employed in any of the big casinos? In addition to this, going to college means being encumbered with student loans and other big expenses.

Plus, this also means late-night studying for exams, doing papers and getting even busier with school work. How indeed can one manage especially if there’s also a day-job to think about?

Having said this, getting higher education is still an important and much-needed accomplishment. And it is even truer in this economic climate where jobs are hard to come by and people are being employed not just for their capabilities, but what for they know. Having a degree also means an edge on the job market. It is an assurance that you are qualified and can handle more than just manual labor. You are even capable of taking higher management. That’s what it means to have a college degree.

What about student loans and other expenses, you may ask. Well, there are institutions offering an affordable BSN program Las Vegas residents may take. Students may also apply for scholarships if they think their credentials qualify them. This is quite a big deal as nursing programs can be expensive in some universities and may entail years of training even after getting the degree.

With the institution’s guidance you can course through the degree with lesser expenses, and with the necessary knowledge and training you can get a specific position in a hospital of your choice. Also, more than anything, enrolling in BSN programs is an opportunity to step up, to gain knowledge and training, to pursue a higher education that may catapult you to success.

Some students may think that getting into a university is next to impossible in a city like Las Vegas because of the steep fees. But they should know that there are organizations and institutions that help regular Joes and Janes in acquiring a bachelor degree. All they need is to search for them and, well, apply.

roof October 16, 2014

Replacing the Roof: Which Material is Right for Your Home?

roofYour roof’s main purpose is to ensure protection against the weather and the elements. You can have a restful sleep knowing rainwater will not enter your home. In Australia, experiencing harsh weather conditions is normal. This is the reason you should choose the right material if you are building a new house or replacing your old roof.

You have many options when it comes to residential roofing materials. Manufacturers understand that customers have varying needs, so they design and produce materials for specific locations and climate conditions. It is important to know about the choices available so you can make the right decision whenever you need roof repairs or replacement in Perth and other areas in the country.

The Mighty Steel Roof

Metal roofs became are a popular option because of their durability and availability. Many Australian homeowners prefer this type of material for beautification purposes, as it comes in a range of colours. If insulation and noise during a rainy day is your concern, there are heat reflecting coatings and insulating materials available today. Your roofing contractor can help you choose the best products to install on your property.

Sturdy Concrete

Like slate and steel, concrete roofs provide excellent protection against the elements. Their insulating properties make these among the best options for homeowners. These are versatile and long lasting. You can find concrete roofs that look like slate and you can choose from different colours.

Super Slate

Strong resistance to breakage is what makes slate a good option. Property owners have been using this material for centuries – proof of how reliable it is. Today, you can buy natural slate or go for the slate-like manufactured products offered by roofing contractors and suppliers across the country.

Asphalt Shingles

These materials provide maximum protection against wind and hail damage. These are easy to install and are highly resistant to fire. Outstanding insulation is among the benefits they offer.

Make the right choice for your home today. Consult a trusted roofing company to discuss your needs and learn more about your options.

running October 15, 2014

Understanding What Your Body Does When Running

runningRunning is a popular exercise simply because it is an activity that does not require you to own expensive gym equipment—all you really need is a pair of running shoes and comfortable clothes. It helps that there many scenic spots in Queensland that are perfect for runners.

Easy as it may seem, most runners do not realise that so many things happen inside the body whenever a person runs. You have to understand these changes so you can make the most of the exercise and prevent injuries.

Not an Acid Attack

Runners often experience muscle soreness, especially after long and difficult runs. This is not because of the effect of the lactic acid, though. When running, the body uses up glucose and adenosine triphosphate (ATP). It pumps oxygenated blood to the exercising muscles to produce more energy. After all these are used up, the body undergoes another process which produces the by-product—lactic acid. The acid, however, can make your muscles feel sore for a few hours.

Muscles often feel sore because of extreme fatigue and irritated pain receptors. If it still feels sore after a few days, you should see a physiotherapist to know how to ease the pain. Townsville sports massage experts say there are therapies and treatments that cater specifically to such conditions.

Joint Effort

When you run, you put as much as six times more than the normal weight and pressure on your joints. Each of your joints is cushioned with cartilage, lubricating fluid, and other soft tissues. This helps you move smoothly and easily.

Note, though, that these lines of cushion may wear away in time, which might eventually lead to arthritis. If you experience pain, especially after changing your routine, you might want to see a specialist immediately.

For injuries, however, there are several therapies available to help you get back on track. The important thing is to understand how your body reacts to exercise. You can achieve more from your exercises and be more physically fit.

lawn gone October 14, 2014

Lawn Gone: 3 Oft-Ignored Curb Mistakes When Improving Curb Appeal

lawn goneThey say that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. When it comes to your home, however, the exterior is definitely just as important, especially when you’re trying to sell your abode.

Home improvements are justified, if not encouraged. However, you don’t want to sabotage your curb improvement projects by putting up the wrong elements or fixing something the wrong way.

With that, here are some of the most common yet oft-ignored curb appeal mistakes that could be hindering your efforts to maximize home value:

1. Incomplete Refurbishments

Almost all homeowners would like to be the handyman in their own house, doing a few small improvements whenever they can. Don’t forget, however, how these small repairs and upkeep add to the big picture.

When doing a service roofing project, for example, remember to keep in mind not just the roof, but its small elements as well. There’s no point in repairing just the roof if the gutters or wall siding is still a blot on the landscape.

2. Maintenance Nightmare

You spent a lot of resources turning your dreary, old yard into a sprawling garden alive with greenery. You got rid of the weeds and unwanted grass, planted rows of perennials, and filled it with ornamentals.

Don’t forget, however, about the upkeep. You will want a beautiful lawn and garden, but you don’t want to make upkeep a nightmare. If you’re planning to sell the house, you need to make sure the lovely landscape is low-maintenance.

3. Eyesore Neglect

The rusty carport, rotting wood shutters, and the tattered gutters have been there for so long that your eyes no longer notice them, but others see it. The devil is in the details, and you can be sure buyers will see these little demons of an eyesore.

Any old, outdated, or dilapidated features of your house should go. Putting in some elbow grease and resources by patching, painting, and having some elements professionally repaired can do wonders in drastically improving your home’s curb appeal with very little effort and money.

It’s good that you want your home to look its best, whether you’re planning to sell it or not. Just make sure you’re doing it right so your efforts don’t go to waste.

basement October 13, 2014

Sewer Smell in Your Basement? Causes and Health Risks

basementSewer gas, a combination of toxic and nontoxic gases, forms when waste materials accumulated in the sewage system decay. When sewer gases seep into your home, you will smell a distinct, terrible stench—some might call “rotten egg smell”—in the basement and if left ignored, may cause the whole house to stink. It’s important to know the causes of these smells and the necessary actions you need to take to prevent health problems.

Causes of Sewer Smell

There are many possible culprits for the sewer smell in your basement. One might be the water in the trap under the floor drain may have dried out because it has been left unused for a period of time. This permits the sewer gas to go up the drain and leak. A missing cleanout plug also causes the toxic gases to seep in. Try opening the grate and inspect if the plug is correctly installed.

A loose wax ring also leaves space for the gas to leak and the best solution for this is to replace it. If you have inspected the mentioned causes and made sure that they’re in good condition, yet there is still that bad smell, it’s likely that you are facing a more serious problem, such as a damaged sewer line. This calls for the expertise of plumbing contractors to identify what’s wrong with your plumbing system and fix it.

Health Risks of Sewer Smell

The family is vulnerable to serious health problems if they inhale sewer gases. If they are exposed to high concentrations of sewer gases, it may lead to suffocation and cause nausea, dizziness and unconsciousness. They may also be poisoned by the gas hydrogen sulfide and result in irritation of the eyes, coughs, shortness of breath and sore throat. Inhaling ammonia may also cause coughing, shortness of breath, fever, nausea, asthma and fluid to form in the lungs. If the person breathes in large amounts of the gas, it may lead to serious lung problems.

If you go down to your basement and you encounter a terrible smell, make sure that you immediately respond to the problem. Protect your health by making sure you have an efficient sewage and plumbing system.

Graffiti October 9, 2014

Painting the Town: Paint that Outpaints Graffiti

GraffitiGraffiti is a perennial urban problem. From 2002 to 2011, there were over 95,000 incidents of graffiti reported in New South Wales alone. In Sydney, 363 occurrences of vandalism were reported just in 2011.

Though outlawed, graffiti removal still comprises a big portion of the budgets of Local Government Areas. Some building contractors, in response, now use anti-graffiti coatings, a special finish that prevents graffiti from adhering to surfaces.

The idea of a surface that blocks paint is actually a simple concept, as described below:

Types of coating

Anti-graffiti coatings come in two variants: sacrificial and non-sacrificial. A sacrificial coating is a thin, transparent film applied to a painted surface, and detached along with the graffiti. A reapplication of the coating is necessary. A variant exists called a semi-sacrificial coating, where labourers can remove the vandalised area selectively.

Non-sacrificial coatings, also called permanent coatings, are more reliable and lasts longer. This puts a protective layer that prevents spray paints from permanently clinging to the surface, using methods known as barrier property and electronegativity.

As a result, graffiti is removed using an ordinary solvent. Permanent ones have different bases, such as polyurethane, used in the anti-graffiti products of A & I Coatings.

Characteristics of anti-graffiti coating

Though anti-graffiti measures differ from each other and the chemicals they are based on, they share some particular traits:

  • Water repellent capability
  • Environment friendly elements
  • Ultraviolet resistance
  • Surface adherence without damaging the paint underneath
  • Easy cleaning.

Limited use on historic monuments

The obvious use of an anti-graffiti coating is to apply it on historic monuments and buildings, but recent studies suggest that the substances used in these products can damage these structures’ surfaces. The English Heritage of the UK, for example, suggests utmost caution before using an anti-graffiti coating to protect historical sites.

Though graffiti is steadily decreasing since the previous decade, it is still worthwhile to invest in this type of coating. After all, it is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it all.