Published On: Thu, Aug 25th, 2016

5 Parts of Your Home that Needs More Attention

Gutter Cleaning Service In PortlandSometimes, even when you think you've checked and inspected every nook of your home, you'll just always miss certain areas. The worst thing is, this can even be the very reason of serious damages in your property. To save your home and family from this upcoming disaster, here are some tips that will keep you guarded and ready at all times.


If you think wiping off the dust and dirt is enough, you thought wrong. Your appliances need more probing than the usual dusting and scrubbing routine. Grime and grunge build up in areas which are not visible to your eyes. These are then the perfect breeding ground for creatures that can harm and cause sickness in your family. Check every part of your refrigerator, oven, stove, and etc. to ensure nothing's wrong. Look for leaks, cracks or rust and immediately fix them to avoid further damages.

Drains & Plumbing

Whether it's your kitchen sink or shower drain, this part of your home collects a ton of grime. Don't wait for clogged drains and pipes to happen, instead clean and check them regularly. A simple hot water or baking soda solution can do the job, but for far more serious issue don't hesitate to call the experts.

Roof & Gutters

This is probably the most neglected part of a home. Homeowners usually take no action until the situation gets out of hand. But, that shouldn't be the case, regular roof and gutter cleaning service in Portland, OR, is needed if you want to preserve the functionality and appeal of your home. Along with that, roofing problems are far more difficult to handle than the rest of your home.

Lighting & Fixtures

This might sound too minor, but any glitch in your lighting system can greatly affect your home living big time. While it is easy to give it a quick clean up, most people are quite passive when it comes to doing it on their own. Simpler than dusting and wiping can do the trick, so be sure you do it every once in a while or as soon as you notice that your lights are changing its brightness.


Any defects on your furniture can ensure you one thing and that is a serious injury in-the-making. It might sound extreme, but it is the truth. An unstable chair leg can cause you a broken hip or lesion when not repaired immediately. Don’t wait until it’s too late and take action as soon as possible.

You might think that these are just added responsibilities for you, but it can mean a lot for you and your family. Remember to take note of these things to enjoy a safe, comfortable, and happy home living.

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