Published On: Mon, Mar 2nd, 2015

Can You Still Keep Personal Training Clients After They Get Fit?

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FitnessIt’s a dilemma that most personal trainers face at one point or another. You genuinely want your clients to get healthy, and feel proud as you watch them grow fit and lean, but you’re worried that they’ll leave once your help is no longer necessary. Is it possible to balance both your interests and the client’s?

A few of the less ethical members in this profession might decide to intentionally stifle the customer’s progress at this point, in order to keep their business for longer. But this is both unprofessional and counter-productive; if they realise what you are doing, you can kiss your reputation goodbye.

Your goal is to get a win-win scenario. In other words, the client must still lose weight and get fit, but you won’t wind up out of a job at the end of it all. Here’s how you can pull it off.

Relationship building

Remember, almost anyone can exercise and eat healthy with the right motivation. Once they have built up the necessary self-discipline, and they know what they are doing, your role as their guide becomes purely optional. This is why you need to add something extra.

Expert trainers, along with education centres like, always emphasise the importance of building a relationship with the client. Not only does this make your services far more effective, as they will be happier and more motivated, people are always less likely to fire a friend.

In the same vein, look into building your clients into a community of their own. Things like weekly exercise meets or joining 5k runs together helps promote a sense of camaraderie. Since exercising alone is hardly fun, this is reason enough for many to stick around.

The importance of referrals

Then again, who says that losing the client’s business is a bad thing? In this industry, results speak louder than credentials or sales pitches. Your former clients whose bodies and lives you have helped change forever are going to be raving about you to everyone they meet. Their friends, family, and co-workers will all be curious to learn who managed to help them lose weight and become athletic.

In other words, successful clients are walking billboards for you. Each one that you “lose” will likely give you dozens of new ones in return. You can even turn this into a part of your marketing, like giving something extra for every new client they will refer.

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