Published On: Thu, Sep 22nd, 2016

Can You Afford it?: Rich People’s Favorite Sports

Ski Vacation in VailShopping, travelling across the globe, and attending different galas — these are obviously some of the things moneyed people busy themselves with. But not all of them are like Kim K or some guy in the Forbes’ list of rich people who like to blow money on random things in their spare time. Some of them even lead an active lifestyle. But have you ever wondered what their sports are?

Sure, they play the regular ones, like basketball and motocross. But they also engage in sporting activities that you can’t do unless you’ve got some dough.


Dubbed as the sport of noblemen, polo has maintained its heritage as the epitome of class and exclusivity in the field of athletics over the years. You just don’t need a horse in this sport; you’ll certainly need a fine horse. Or if you’re competitive, you may need a big stable to house your pals. On top of these, you’ll also need to invest in equipment and maintenance fees.

Formula One

Think NASCAR’s pricey? Wait ‘til you get to Europe. If you are building your Formula One career from the ground up with no money, you will need to work out your charm to secure sponsorships. But if you have over $100,000, then you’re good to go. Things in your list: a fast and a group of supportive technical crew.


So what makes this expensive? First off, you’ll need a boat. You’ll also need a crew which may be composed of a navigator and an engineer. Every sail will require some amount of fuel. To top it all, there are fees for maintenance and race entry. Don’t forget the club dues.


Some can afford ski rentals in Vail, and that’s good! But if you have the money, you’ll not stop there. You may choose to go to Switzerland, Japan, or New Zealand to take part in a skiing expedition. Other than the fees directly involved in the sport, you’ll also need to allocate some funds for your insurance.

These are only some of the sports rich people take part in. Want to be part of the club someday? May this list inspire you to work hard.

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