Published On: Mon, Oct 24th, 2016

Is Standing Water Really That Dangerous?

Clogged Drain in SydenhamNobody likes a clogged sink or bathroom drain. It makes either place completely useless, while also acting as a conduit for health issues. Drain unblocking specialists such as Walton Plumbing will vouch for that, because of one thing: stagnant water. It’s why clogged drains are best dealt with as soon as possible.

The Biggest Problem: Unwanted House Guests

Perhaps the biggest issue with standing water is its potential to be a breeding ground. The World Health Organisation (WHO) stresses that they are perfect for mosquitoes and even dragonflies. They lay their eggs in the water which serves as a home for their larvae. In time, they’ll grow into adults which act as disease transmitters. Malaria, dengue, encephalitis, and even heartworm/tapeworm infestations on pets: the list goes on and on.

Not to mention, stagnant water (and moisture from it) also helps mould and mildew thrive. There is a potential for dangerous ‘black mould’ to grow in damp places. Otherwise known as toxic mould, this parasite loves wet locations and is known to cause respiratory issues, nausea, skin inflammations, and even weakened immune systems.

A Vulnerability to the Dreaded Zika Virus

Maybe you’ve heard of the Zika virus recently. It occupies much of the daily news recently. Keep in mind that Zika’s dangers aren’t overblown: being infected during birth can cause serious birth defects. There is also a possible link between Zika and a rare nervous system illness, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which causes rapid-onset muscle weakness.

Unfortunately, the Zika virus can be transmitted by the same dengue and malaria-laden mosquitoes which breed ion stagnant waters. And the only way to get rid of these nasty insects is to take away their home. Avoid stagnant water build-up by ensuring that no container gets to collect water and hold it untouched. Buckets, glasses, old tires, and everything else that can hold water must either be thrown away or stashed. Lastly, keep drains clear so that there is no risk of water pooling around them.

Stagnant water is no laughing matter. Do whatever is possible to prevent it.

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