Published On: Thu, Oct 30th, 2014

It’s Just Like Tetris: Designing Your Home Exteriors With Bricks

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house designThe façade of the home is one of the things that strongly speak of your aesthetic taste. More importantly, it tells visitors and observers what to expect if they are to step inside your space. Other than sidings, homeowners turn to these materials when they want to make their exteriors to make an impression—bricks.

Brickwork is an important part of house designs. Perth has many providers that can help you out with this endeavour. Despite this, many deem brickwork a complicated aspect of exterior design. In reality, it’s much like playing Tetris—mix and match until it makes sense, or in this context, until it looks good.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind when designing your home’s exteriors with bricks.

Concentrate on Contrast

Contrast is important in keeping your exteriors interesting. Don’t settle for bricks whose colours don’t complement each other. For instance, don’t pair your reddish bricks with copper-coloured ones. While they may look good from a close distance, they don’t actually create a strong contrast, thus rendering the combination bland and uninteresting. Instead, pair the copper-coloured ones with bluish bricks.

Look Around

Is your home surrounded by trees? Is it in a neighbourhood where the ruling colour is blue? Consider this factor before considering the colour of your bricks. Your home needs to blend in and stand out at the same time. It may sound difficult, but the key to getting it right is observing the things around your abode.

Value Coordination

If you’re putting brickwork as an addition to your home, consider the existing parts of the structure. Check the siding, the roof and the window frames. The colour and the material of the bricks should make a nice contrast, when they are installed next to these areas.

Most importantly, be creative. You can whitewash your bricks if you want your home to have a ‘cottagish’ appeal. Make sure that the brick type you’re using follows the existing architectural style. You may also choose to mix styles for an eclectic appeal. For instance, pair old-looking bricks with the boxy minimalistic and contemporary shape of your home.

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