Published On: Fri, Oct 31st, 2014

Lights, Camera, Transaction! 3 Attention-Grabbing Secrets to Increase Video Viewership

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video viewershipDo you wish there was an easy way to increase your video views or get people to share it?

That is the question that concerns many business owners. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, social media is the go-to place. For videos, websites such as YouTube or Facebook work wonders. The power of online videos is undeniable, making them an effective marketing tool. But, without an impact, a video will not serve its purpose.

Let this article help you encourage more people to view your videos.

Create Catchy Titles

The first questions that will come to the mind of your customers are “Is the video worth watching” or “Why must I watch this video?” Create titles that are worth gold in weight. Just like when writing a blog, thinking about a creative title for your video is paramount. Make sure your titles are relevant or similar to what your target market is searching for when they go to Google or YouTube.

Make the Video Personal

Before your video can go viral, it has to resonate with the people who view it. The chances of reaching the target views are low when the content is low quality and irrelevant. This is the reason you need to keep your target market engaged.

You can always seek the help of experts if you do not know where to start or just need some sound advice. Industry expert says professionals will work with you to research and create the right video for your brand.

Keep Things Short and Sweet

Does length matter for videos? Research shows keeping the video short helps with shareability and audience retention. The shorter the video, the better. Just make sure you put the most important details at the beginning, as the first 15 seconds of the video is the most important. Interested viewers will get bored if a video is too long, especially if it does not have useful or helpful information. It is important to put your new product or service on the first shot, if it is something you really want your customers to see.

To gain a competitive advantage, learn how to create a video that attracts viewers and converts them into customers. Whatever content you are creating, think about the psychology behind video marketing strategy.

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