Published On: Mon, Jul 18th, 2016

Prepare Your Parents for Assisted Living

Assisted LivingTalking to your parents about moving them to an assisted living community can be quite difficult. For sure, the conversation is likely to be emotionally charged. It is, however, something that many of us will have to face eventually.

Here are some strategies to help you out when that time comes:

Make your loved one see the benefits

It’s normal for the elderly to feel uncertain about moving into a retirement home. At their age, moving to an unfamiliar environment can be stressful. So be sure to explain all the benefits that come with it to help them warm up to the idea.

Find the best place

If you are making a short list of some of the assisted living communities in Arizona, remember to call each one to ask about the amenities available, as well as the recreational activities they have that can be appealing to your aging parents. According to Legacy Retirement, this will make selling the idea much easier.

Tour the facilities

Most assisted living communities allow prospective residents to take a tour of their facilities prior to moving in. A tour would be a good opportunity for your parents to see how they’d fit in their new environment. See if they like the facilities and if the place you are eyeing is equipped to cater to all their health requirements.

When you finally decide to talk to your folks about it, be sure to ask them how they intend to spend their retirement years. After listening to what they have to say, present your idea very gently. Make sure to touch on all the important issues, especially financial matters, such as their retirement funds and long-term health care insurance. When all things are finally settled, allow your folks to have the freedom to choose the best community to live in and assist them accordingly.

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