Published On: Wed, Oct 29th, 2014

Rapport-Building: The Key to a Successful Property Management Business

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property managementNo vacancies and happy tenants, that’s the mark of a successful property management business. How do you achieve it, you ask? The key is in establishing a good relationship with the residents. Managerial skills are not enough to maintain the daily operations; it’s important that property managers have strong people skills that will enable them to build rapport among tenants.

Timely and Open Communication

Property managers who make it a priority to inform residents about policies, procedures, maintenance and other rental logistics communicate professionalism and respect to tenants. According to lettings service providers and online estate agents from, when residents know that their managers are easy to communicate with, they develop a sense of trust and confidence. If the property manager achieves this level of relationship, the tenants are likely to stay for a longer time.

Respect for Privacy

Privacy is a value that must be honoured at all times. Although property managers have authority over the rental units, they must know how to set boundaries in order to give tenants the privacy they deserve. Part of being sensitive about privacy is giving prior notice when entering the residence for repairs and inspections and keeping the peace and quiet in the entire complex. When managers have a sense of respect for privacy, tenants will feel more secure.

Consistency in Services

Being consistent in delivering prompt and efficient services will make tenants feel that they are valued. Respond to complaints as soon as possible to maintain professionalism and the trust that you created. Don’t ignore reported plumbing problems, broken door knobs or faulty wirings. Make sure to conduct regular maintenance services as well to keep the property in good condition and provide residents the optimal living environment.

Remember to keep an open communication, honour privacy, and be consistent in offering services to tenants. With this and other rapport-building principles, you’ll guarantee satisfied residents and full rentals.

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