Published On: Sat, Feb 28th, 2015

How Small Businesses Can Reach On-the-Go Consumers

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BillboardThe man who can’t be moved? Probably not.

Modern consumers are always on the move, which is why you need to carefully think about who is your target market. As a small business owner, strive to keep up with the fast-growing industry. Go with the hype, as technology constantly evolves and changes.

A recent study shows that more and more Americans spend time outside of their home, whether they are working, commuting, eating or shopping. In fact, researchers note than about 70 percent of waking hours are spent outside. This prompted a behavioral shift on how people react to marketing strategies.

Whether you are marketing to customers for the upcoming season or planning your move for the next month, this article will help you connect with on-the-go consumers.

Use Interactive Digital Billboards

Say goodbye to flyers and posters. LED Billboards will let you advertise your products or services for success. Take inspiration from McDonald’s that creatively places ads in high-traffic areas. Like it or not, the fast food chain never fails to capture consumers with its stunning and inventive billboards. After all, it would not be one of America’s favorite foods without its outdoor advertising strategies.

Consider Indoor LED Signs

If you can’t connect with your target market, you need a better way to share information. Don’t stop coming up with ideas and tactics. Perhaps an indoor digital sign is the answer you are looking for. With LED screens inside malls, airports or stadiums, you can draw more attention to your business and bring in new customers.

Optimize for Mobile

Consumers are in the midst of a digital revolution fueled by smartphones, laptops, tablets and smartwatches. It’s no secret that mobile technology has dramatically transformed the way people buy things and interact with people. Make sure your advertising methods are optimized for mobile devices.

Getting the attention of on-the-go consumers is never easy. But, with the right approach, you can make things better and less challenging.

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