Published On: Fri, Feb 10th, 2017

Top Problems Facing Distribution

The Distribution ChannelSuppliers cannot deliver hardware supplies directly to the customers in Australia; they need distributors. Distributors act as intermediaries between consumers and producers. For effective and efficient distribution, distributors use distribution channels. In the recent past, distribution has been facing some problems. Here are the top problems in distribution.

Drop Ship Demand

Frequently, distributors collaborate with vendors to have products shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer on behalf of the distributor. The arrangement is critical as it minimises the time taken to supply the customer. The method also enables the distributor to meet the needs of the customers without having to stock the products. However, the arrangement requires a lot of coordination, exchange of data and trust amid supplier and distributor.

Customer Expectations

Technology has automated services, and customers expect everything to be very fast and reliable. The level of satisfaction customers are expecting is very high, and distribution has no option but to keep up. The only way to satisfy customers today is through an e-commerce website. The website should simplify both browsing and purchase and should be user-friendly.

Employee Retention

Qualified and skilled employees are difficult to find and retain. Every business trains their employees and hopes to retain them. However, in the distribution industry, this is a major problem. Many potentially good employees struggle with the ERPs used in distribution. Some employees give up while others stress and waste a lot of time trying to be good at their job. It is good to look for solutions that are in line with the employee’s experience and that are user-friendly.

Demand Planning

Forecasts on sales rely on historical data. Distributors are faced with the lack of historical data, which leads to wrong sales predictions. When wrong predictions are made, you find that there are either some dead stock in the warehouse or stock outs.

To ensure your distribution company is positioned for victory, forestalling challenges and having tools ready to overcome the challenges is important.

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