Published On: Wed, Mar 11th, 2015

Tough Love: Marrying Someone’s Credit Score

The bane of true love includes the inescapable truths that go with the beloved: her lineage, his birth certificate, his bad case of crooked teeth, and her credit score. Newlyweds, and sometimes, even those who have yet to cross the territory of marital life, should openly discuss matters that concern what is yet to be their shared investments, plans, and hopes for the future.

credit scoreFinancial Heartaches

Married couples generally maintain two separate credit records and histories. Many, however, decide to take on loans together to mutually invest on a path or a plan. Professional advice is crucial when it comes to loans, mortgages and refinancing, especially if there will be two heads instead of one, as complications with these matters may build resentment and put stress in the relationship. says loan and mortgages in West Jordan, or any other place, requires couples to study their finances carefully. A thorough understanding of each other’s credit history can help both maintain a healthy financial position after marriage and reduces the risk of financial problems, too. While money is not all that matters, there is no denying its position in everyone’s businesses.

Do Not Pay Off Their Debt

Some couples mistake paying off their partner’s debt as the solution to the other’s bad credit score. This, however, is actually counterproductive and can lead to an even more complicated situation. There have been cases of spouses paying for the other’s debt, which resulted to the lowering of both their credit scores. The $35,000 worth of debt was resolved, but their marriage did not survive it and it all ended badly.

The smarter turn to take is to protect the one with the better credit score. It’s a lot easier if there is just one person in the household that has good credit, as opposed to both with bad financial history, which could be the result of one paying for the spouse’s financial problems. Keeping the good one afloat will avoid dragging both down, and will keep the marriage buoyant all the way into the future.

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